Piotr Soluch

My favorite blogs of 2015

I’m a bit of a blog junkie. I read… I read a lot. Each day I spend at least 30 minutes going through few dozen blogs. Here is a short rundown of my favorite blogs in 2015.

WordPress Tavern

WordPress Tavern is one of the most popular WordPress blogs out there. If you want to stay up to date with WordPress and don’t have much time, WordPress Tavern is the place to go.

inVision Blog

inVision blog is regularly updated with great articles related to design, UX, communication and more. Great place to learn and get inspired.

Delicious Brains

Delicious Brains Blog is a super helpful blog with a ton of great in-depth articles and tutorials on WordPress. This Blog is mostly for more advanced WordPress developers.


Codrops is the number one place to be inspired. Regular tutorials, experiments and blueprints push the boundaries of modern front-end development. As a bonus, there are Weekly Collective posts, that feature the latest web design & web development news and resources.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ brings a series of great tutorials on business, design and code. It features several great authors and is up to date with the latest developments of modern web development.

Check out those blogs if you’re a blog junkie like I am, or if you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration, or want to learn something. I promise you will find something interesting.