Piotr Soluch

founder / designer / developer at wiredot
father / husband / mountain biker / geek

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MicroConf Europe 2014

The best conference for self funded Startups

Impressions from WordCamp Europe 2014

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Delectus, beatae?

Holidays 2014 – Corsica

One of the most beautiful places in Europe

Indigitous Amsterdam 2014

Conference on using Digital Strategies

Sunshine Coast 2013

My personal retreat in 2013 including mtb and great views.

Growl skin free psd

If you're a Mac user, you must know Growl. It's the ultimate notification system for OS X and a must-have app for everyone. I use it since I bought my first Mac and still love it.

3D iOS icons psd freebie

It's been another busy month. Again, not enough time for blogging. But I've been working on few secret projects and my designer skills at the same time. As a little exercise I made a photoshop file with icons for iOS devices. And again, why not share it with the rest of the world?

Map Pins psd freebie

A great alternative to standard Google Maps pins

My Git renaissance

Revision control is something every developer should use. Git is in my opinion the best one.